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Roebel / Mueritz

Roebel is a small, vibrant town with about 6,000 inhabitants. It is located in the Mueritzkreis, the heart of the Mecklenburg lakeland area, right on the southwestern shore of Lake Mueritz.
Rolling hills, mostly less than 100 metres high, extensive meadows, fields and forests as well as scattered lakes make up the surroundings of the town.
The historic town centre, with its carefully refurbished half-timbered houses, is adjacent to the Mueritz waters. A small, colourful harbour and an exceptionally beautiful lakeside promenade create a maritime flair.
Two large Early Gothic brick churches catch the visitor´s eye. At first glance, this may seem unusual for such small town, but there is good reason for it. Before receiving its town charter in 1261, Roebel consisted of two separate settlements - the old and new town. The old town belonged to the Bishopric of Schwerin, and the new town to the Bisphoric of Havelberg, and churches were built in each of the two dioceces.
Visitors are attracted to the region by its favourable climatic conditions, natural forests and lakes as well as numerous leisure activities that are available year-round for both active and passive recreation.